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I'm a Denver-based award-winning musician and compassionate healer at

Denver Meditation Center.  


Music has been an integral part of my life from a very young age; a calling. I began playing piano at the age of 2 and started my formal musical training when I was 6. After receiving accolades for music achievements in school, I became a founding member of the music label, "Spotted Peccary Music," in 1985 boasting musical credits on National Geographics, The Discovery Channel and the Olympics. One of the members of Spotted Peccary received an Academy Award for his technical contribution to audio software used by Lucas Films. During this time I also worked with Grammy award winning composers and successful songwriters from the Southern and Northern California regions. I was on a trajectory to become a successful recording and performing artist.

But, my soul calling pulled me in a different direction. By the early 90's, I began my journey as a practicing yogi, studying theology and sociology. Over the course of decades, I completed over 10,000 hours of meditation practice. Which is an oxymoron - to measure meditation hours as if that measures spiritual experience somehow. I serve as the primary musician, composing music for guided meditations led by the Master Ministers of an international non-profit organization known as, "Center of the Golden One." "The Golden One," simply represents whatever name you give God, be it Spirit, The Great All the Is or God to name a few." 

When Kalindi passed away in 2010, I turned my attention to developing unique ways to pass on ancient wisdoms in meditation that I received through the years of my study.


My musical career has been dedicated to writing music for transformational meditation through a variety of genre's including, World Symphonic, Shamanic, Devotional Singing & Adult Contemporary Rock.

Music is the language of the soul.

Meditation is medicine. 

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