I'm a Denver based Sacred Adult Contemporary Rock musician. I've been playing piano, singing and writing music for as long as I can remember.  My first recorded song was when I was just 4! Needless to say, music is an integral part of my life; a calling.  Growing up in a traditional conservative family environment, by the time I came of age my free spirit couldn't wait to soar and this brought me to many non-traditional modalities of spirituality.  For me, music and spirituality are forever entwined. The music I write is a reflection of the years I've spent in the spiritual practices of a yogi and the insights I've gained about the human condition from being a devotee to a modern-day spiritual master by the name of Kalindi.  When Kalindi passed away in 2010, my life started over again.  Now that I've integrated into modern society after 2 decades of living in Ashrams, I'm excited to share the music I consider to be my life's work.  Starting a music career in my mid 50's is what some would consider to be late in life.  From my perspective, the timing is perfect.  My ego wouldn't have been able to handle being a successful musician had success come my way earlier in life!  I'm excited for the opportunity that social media and the internet create for independent artists like myself. I'm thrilled to connect with the souls who are moved by the music I make.  Together we can create a tribe of like-minded compassionate people who want to make a positive impact in a world that needs much healing. Namaste, my brothers and sisters.

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